At Máster N. Automatismos, s.l. we specialise in custom-made machinery.


The team of professionals that forms part of Máster N. Automatismos, s.l. has extensive experience and knowledge in satisfying the needs of our clients, automating processes for various industrial sectors.

Our team is trained to develop solutions and adapt to changes, overcoming challenges and getting involved in solving our clients' problems.

High qualification levels and continuous training in the latest technologies allow us to satisfy the needs of our customers across the 5 continents.


  • Mechanical engineering: our professionals have wide-ranging experience in automating industrial processes. We make use of the latest technology in precision manufacturing and industry 4.0.
  • Electrical engineering: we design electrical diagrams, electrical panels and other installations using the most advanced software.
  • Engineering, automation and control: we have specialists with extensive experience in the simulation, programming and implementation of robotic cells.
  • Computer engineering: programming and integration of advanced systems into our clients’ production processes.
  • Artificial vision: we have extensive experience in developing vision systems for process, quality and robot control.